Fraud Alert

How to detect fake job offers:

  • Fraud job emails for the most part does not have definite information about the job, role, company and package. The substance of the email would be dubious and unclear.
  • If money is asked, then it’s a fake job call. No legitimate company/organization request for money or security deposits.
  • Fake job calls generally would have numerous incorrect spelling and grammatical errors.
  • Office address given in the lower part of the mail would mostly be wrong.
  • Be aware that the only genuine job offer will respond to come to an interview after the submission of the application.


Tips to protect yourself from job scam:

  • Do an online research of the company to see if their claim stands.
  • If you are required to pay for a job, it’s guaranteed to be a scam.
  • Do not provide sensitive information and bank details to the employer before you actually make a deal of the job.
  • Do not accept the job offer unless you have applied for it.
  • Do not interact with employers who urge to seal the deal fast. A legit hiring process takes some days or weeks depending on the company or organization.